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  • I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic* needs
  • I may have some debt, but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs
  • I own my home or property OR I rent a higher-end property
  • I own or lease a car
  • I am employed or do not need to work to meet my needs
  • I have regular access to health care
  • I have access to financial savings
  • I have an expendable** income
  • I can always buy new items
  • I can afford an annual vacation or take time off

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  • I may stress about meeting my basic needs but still regularly achieve them.
  • I may have some debt but it does not prohibit attainment of basic needs.
  • I own or lease a car.
  • I am employed.
  • I have access to health care.
  • I might have access to financial savings.
  • I have some expendable income.
  • I am able to buy some new items & I thrift others.
  • I can take a vacation annually or every few years without financial burden.

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  • I frequently stress about meeting basic needs & don’t always achieve them.
  • I have debt and it sometimes prohibits me from meeting my basic needs.
  • I rent lower-end properties or have unstable housing.
  • I do not have a car and/or have limited access to a car but I am not always able to afford gas.
  • I am unemployed or underemployed.
  • I qualify for government assistance including food stamps & health care.
  • I have no access to savings.
  • I have no or very limited expendable income
  • I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them
  • I cannot afford a vacation or have the ability to take time off without financial burden

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